Louisiana & Mississipi... Look Out! 
Sunday, March 13, 2011 at 11:17PM
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Been back from Mexico for a month now (Mexico travel blog HERE) and finally got over the flu... am locked, loaded and ready to saddle up to head East this time!

There's no real plan for this trip, other than exploring some of Louisianna and Mississipi for a week or two. This time I'll be joined by a friend who'll be riding the same make of motorcycle as mine, ie. Suzuki DL650... only his is newer than mine. He's also an evangelical Christian and I'm... well, let's just say I'm not an evangelical. ;-)

I've traveled with him before and we always get into really awesome conversations. He respects my space and I his. Friends ask me why I would travel with someone so different than me. I answer, "Because I don't want to travel with someone who thinks exactly like me... that'd be boring. I'd much rather travel with someone completely different than me so that I might learn something new and possibly grow a bit."

Not sure where we're going first, but I do know we'll be camping a lot and trying to get to some places off the beaten track and hopefully into some real cajun country. 

I'm also trying a different setup using a bivvy sack, new compact hammock, emergency blanket, etc. Also using a new compact camera on this trip. Wanted a little more zoom reach so I bought an Olympus XZ-1. However, the images I post from the road will be from my iPhone. The Olympus allow me to charge it via USB, so this time ALL of my gadgets can be charged via USB to cut down on charger space.

I'll post a list of my new set up at some point, but I want to make sure it all works out well before I recommend anything. 

And away we go!

Stay tuned...

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