Cajun Food

"Bayou" ~ Fausse State Park, Louisiana © 2011 Skip Hunt

Fausse State Park is litterally located smack dab on top of a levee in the middle of freakin' nowhere, bayou-country, southern Louisiana. The mosquitos are relentless, and the shack yards are a beautifull mess and full of rusting welding gear, smokers, and crawfish boiling pots. If I was going to find myself some real Cajun food, this was going to be it.

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"Smile" ~ Avery Island, LA (c) 2011 Skip Hunt


TX/LA/MS Photo Gallery

The images embedded into this blog were were made and edited with an iPhone 4 because it's easier to upload them from the road. 

However, I do make images with a regular camera as well. And, I've created a gallery of images from this trip made with a compact camera HERE


The Blue Bayou

"The Blue Bayou" ~ Abbeyville, Louisiana © 2011 Skip Hunt


Don't say it... EAT it!!!

"Homestead" ~ Near Pecan Island, Louisiana © 2011 Skip Hunt

It was certainly going to rain, but I was now on a mission. My sights were trained on a tin warehouse supermarket called "Joyce's" in St. Martinville, Louisiana.

The night before I had been told there was not much of anything there at all, but instead discovered a great little town with a giant tree along the river marking a place Acadians gathered in the 1800's and a dedicated plaque under the tree in honor of the Longfellow poem "Evangeline". This town definitely had more to offer than I was led to believe. If I ever pass through again, I will certainly find a way to spend more time there.

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Photo Book of this Trip Now Published!

Beautifully Printed at MagCloud

I'm happy to announce that the best images from this trip are now available to purchase in print in a perfect bound photo book from MagCloud! Click the link below to preview and buy!


Best of TX/LA/MS 2011

TX/LA/MS 2011 :: Skip Hunt Issue 1: Best of TX/LA/MS 2011

These images were made while traveling via motorcycle from Texas, deep into Louisiana and Mississippi. Trip blogged HERE
All rights reserved © 2011 Skip Hunt

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