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"Mothership" © 2011 Skip Hunt

The idea of cellular memory makes me wonder if ALL cells hold some sort of memory. And perhaps an entire place can hold memory and or some sort of data?

I've wondered this for a good while because of some experiences I've had from ingesting plants that gave me information that I have no clue where it came from. So obscure, yet accurate but with no evidence of how it had previous been learned. Did I ingest memory? Or was I just tuned into it briefly?

This memory or data doesn't seem to be something you can put your finger on or point a microscope at, so if it exists beyond this speculation... I'm betting it lives in some kind of frequency. Not to get all "hippy" with it, but I think it's completely plausible. And if so, then it's seems equally plausible that focussed thought could use and or otherwise manipulate it.

~ Skip Hunt :: Austin, Texas

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