Off to Mexico!
Saturday, June 25, 2011 at 08:18AM
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And... We're Off! 

"Toy Box" ~ Zacatecas, Mexico © 2011 Skip HuntMexican Adventure Begins

Welcome to the Jungle: Heading to Mexico in a couple of days. Not going on the motorcycle this time, but flying to the furthest airport from Austin, and then wandering my way back up North in which way I can. Most likely by bus, trains, hitchin', walking, Quien sabe?

I'm excited to be heading back to the Yucatan because the last time I was there as before digital photography I think. Although, I recall going there sometime around 2000 to shoot some video of pink flamingos in Celestun, I must have been completely focussed on moving images because I don't have many recent stills. This time it's all about the experience and some experimenting.

It's the rainy season right now so that could dictate my plan somewhat. I know that's a deal-breaker for folks who go on vacation to lounge on the beach, but there's just something about being alone in a primitive thatch-roofed hut in the jungle listening to tropical rain fall and the intense fragrance of new growth and the echo of howler monkeys in the distance. Everything gets wet and stays that way with that level of humidity, but theres a certain romance to the sultry rain forest. At least for a few days, or until my gear begins to fail. 

I really don't have much plan at all, but will probably spend some time in the jungles of Chiapas after the Yucatan area. After that I'll be wandering wherever the wind carries me. I'm guessing the cooler mountainous areas will be calling after the jungle.  I'm going to basically follow intuition, revisit some places I haven't been since before digital photography or Mayan knowledge.. and, away from machine-gun fire and swingin' machetes! ;-) 

Also, I just got news from the
 Kickstarter people that my proposed project has been approved! I haven't nailed down the specifics, but what this means is that I will set a fund-raising goal and offer creative awards at certain levels. For example I may have a photo book of the trip, some fine art prints, some interesting trinkets from bizarre markets, etc. It'll be broken down into levels from around $5 and up. People who dig my project and want a piece of it will pledge. However, unless the goal is reached, the whole deal is off and the pledges are cancelled. It's actually really cool. They get a percentage and handle everything. I've got to nail down what my exact rewards are going to be and make a little video about the project. Because I'm leaving tomorrow, I'll be thinking of the awards and will shoot/edit a little video with my iPhone once I get there. I'll then spell it all out and upload my video from some internet cafe I suppose.

It's very exciting because you have to pitch your idea first and they decide if whether or not they think your project has a good chance of getting funded before they give you the "green light" and I just got it! Woo-hoo!!! Enough about that. I'll drop a note when the project launches. Regardless of anything, I'll be blogging and sharing the experience as usual

To be continued...

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