Nephilim in Salento, Colombia
Friday, November 28, 2014 at 01:05PM
Kaleidoscope of Color

Made this image a couple of years ago in Colombia. This spot is actually on a fairly long hike outside of Selento in the rich coffee growing region. You ride in the back of a small truck with others like a rustic taxi. They let you off in this other little village area that's got loads of military in cammo with machine guns, but who are all really friendly. One even posed for an instagram photo for me with big smile and a very impressive machine gun.

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Then, you're off into the moist but muddy valley's to explore. The trip getting there is surreal enough, but when you get to some of these vistas... all by yourself... and just stand there wondering if you already died and luckily went to heaven. Such a beautiful region. If you ever go there, I can highly recommend a nice long hike. 

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