Vicarious Travel: Back By Popular Demand! + Get 5 Surprise Custom Postcards!
Thursday, July 2, 2015 at 04:18PM
Kaleidoscope of Color


Vicarious Travel Postcards from 2013-2014

Once again bringing back the Vicarious Travel Postcards that I started while traveling in the Midwest a couple years ago. This time, I'm going to take off from Austin toward who knows where. Seriously, I have no idea this time. All I know is that I'm traveling by motorcycle, and the route will be made up on-the-fly and dictated by the winds and weather for the most part. Pure wandering. 

As I find interesting places along the trail, I'll create a custom photo postcard, add a couple paragraphs of story somehow related to the image or what was going on in my head around that part of the journey, and then surprise you with a custom postcard 5 times from the places that resonate the most. 

The postcards will be post-marked from wherever I send them from along the route and mailed to the address you provide. So, in essence, these are one-of-a-kind postcards to be collected!  To date, there are 10 such collectable cards from previous Vicarious trips.

I'll send these to the address to provide when you purchase your ticket below. You can also buy Vicarious Travel Postcards for a friend. Just provide your friend's mailing address where it says "Alternate Mailing Address"

(DEADLINE - Wednesday 7/8/2015)


Buy a Vicarious Travel Ticket below for $30

there will also be a special PRINT OF YOUR CHOICE discount from this trip for Vicarious participants. 

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