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Shared Mind

Somthing About Henri Cartier-Bresson

"Kick in the Head" ~ Paris, France © 2012 Skip HuntUntil recently, I never really paid much attention to other famous photographer's work. There are a few I'd seen represented in museums through the years, and I've heard several referenced by other photographers in passing. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure why I never bothered to study any of the "masters" but I think it's had something to do with an attempt to keep the images I make more my own personal expression than risking accidentally emulating another photographer's work. 

Because all artistic expression is influenced by everything experience to some degree, it's impossible to make absolutely pure individual expression. However, I made a choice to try to at least limit my photographic exposure to others using the same medium. This has caused me a little grief here and there due to the fact the normal path seems to find out what resonates for you and then follow in one particular style or the other. And, the evaluation of other's work seems to follow whichever discipline chosen as the measuring stick. 

Still, every now and then I'll make images that other photographers compare favorably to other famous photographer's work and though I always take it as a compliment, I seldom really know who the "master" is exactly. 

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Who's really fueling the Pinterest backlash controversy?

Might be other paranoid giants fanning the flames

Skip Hunt on PinterestRegarding the backlash on the latest social networking service Pinterest, do you ever wonder if some of this is being generated, fueled, and instigated by other giant social networks who're afraid of losing market share?

I can still faintly remember when having a Myspace page was all the rage, and then came along Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. And, I'm sure all of those giants are concerned they too could sink into oblivion just as quickly as MySpace did. Wouldn't it make sense that they might be fueling a bit of the anti-Pinterest information and paranoia surging througout the memosphere? 

The terms of service for Pinterest don't really read all that much different than any of the other ones out there, but there are indeed a few line items that are at least cause for a raised eyebrow or two. However, the truth is... that "copyright" train has already left the station. You can continue to keep your stuff under lock and key, and a whole lot fewer potential eyeballs on it. Or, you can do the best you can to let folks know your stuff ain't free to use for commercial purpose and then get on board. 

I've chosen the latter. 

Skip Hunt
Austin, Texas 



Omnipresent Diamond Mind

"Jungle" ~ NYC © 2011 Skip Hunt

Was listening to a recording about how artificial intelligence programmers are trying to emulate human creativity in machines and having trouble getting it right.

They spoke as if we might be something more than ambulatory programmed meat that could be cloned in a machine.

Perhaps whatever you perceive yourself to be is only a disembodied perception of one omnipotent energy pervading and infusing throughout ALL.

And, these little perceptions of the material world, including human beings are each like individual unique facets of an omnipresent diamond mind.


morphing & melting 

rejoins that which it never left

"Time" ~ Juchitan, Mexico © 2011 Skip HuntThinking about where whatever it is we are goes when we pass on. 

I like to think of everything as a big shapeless unconfined area of water. All things are like ice cubes while they are being and perceived. Gradually, they change and melt away. Only they never actually go away, they just become part of the water again.

Something is there and perceptively different from what's around it. It's gradually changing, morphing and melting over time until it eventually rejoins that which it never left.



Correct the stream, or complete wipe?

"Corrupt" ~ Austin, Texas © 2011 Skip HuntLast night our digital HDTV service went all haywire and started freezing the screen in various stages of corruption.

As I watched each iteration of the system trying to correct itself, I became fascinated with the temporary abstract compositions I was witnessing.

They would only stay and quiver for a few seconds then morph into something else altogether. Before the problem was finally resolved, I made a quick image of one of the frozen digital aberrations and tweaked it a bit to taste.

As I studied the broken information, I began to wonder about our own system and how somewhere along the line the built-in autocorrection stopped functioning.

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