Go West Hi-Lites #2

From a motorcycle diary Skip Hunt Go West!

Picture"It was the forth of July in South Fork, Colorado when I left. Everyone seemed very excited about all the activities, parades, BBQ, fireworks, etc. Although I’m not a big crowd person, I have to admit to a little sadness when I left there. All that “family” stuff looked enticing, but at the same time... I don’t do any of that stuff when I’m home either. So, down the road I went and enjoyed a beautiful stretch of highway winding all the way to Mesa Verde.

As I glided through a couple mountain passes I was getting all patriotic about the U.S. and how beautiful some of it is indeed. Even the people, when they’re not manipulated by characters who’s agenda is nothing more than dividing folks and generally shills for corporate interests masquerading as being “of the people”. 

Soon, I was passing through Pagosa Springs. There was a detour around main street because they were having a giant Forth of July parade and had blocked off the main road through. Oh great! I get to see a parade after all. While I was boiling there on my bike, waiting for make-shift trailer floats to pass and people with there children all dressed up for the parade... stumbling like patriotic zombies right in front of me without a clue that there was traffic trying to pass, etc. I uttered to myself, “Get out of the way you bunch of nitwits! Can’t you see this is a road with traffic on it?!” So much for my patriotic tendencies toward the regular folks. ;-)"