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Saint Bernard Enlightenment in Madisonville, Louisiana

When I made this one, I was on a motorcycle trip in Louisiana. I told a friend that I wanted to explore a little of Northeast, Texas, then wander around Mississippi, and into Louisiana.

I told him that my “vision quest” was firmly focussed on locating the real-deal, dirty, authentic backwoods Cajun food.

What I hadn’t counted on was that the fact this fellow was completely averse to eating anything involving pork, shellfish, and a bunch of other tasty stuff prohibited in the Old Testament. Honestly thought there’d be more options for him regardless of where we went.

We discovered that if you’re trying to follow the culinary advice within the Bible, Louisiana backwoods, Cajun cafes, deli’s, and roadside haunts are not your best bet.

The Cajun food arguments quickly devolved into rather nasty religious disputes and criticisms. Before you knew it, we were verbally at each other’s throats. Funny how all that spicy Cajun goodness can bring out the devil in you.

One morning, camped alongside some Madisonville, Louisiana bayou across lake Pontchartrain, I couldn’t sleep and got up early to go for a pre-dawn walk to clear my head.

My friend felt that because I wasn’t following Old Testament to the letter of the law, I wouldn’t be favored in the creator’s eyes.

Thought about this as the sun began to come up and stream across the steamy bayou and through the Spanish moss. I figured, if our given collective skills or gifts are in fact “God given”, and I was using those gifts to show other’s the beauty of creation, then of course was doing exactly what I was born to do.

Made this image as I stood there with this thought as I watched the hanging Spanish moss of Saint Bernhard park trees come alive in the first light of a new day, and watched what looked like steamy mystic spirits dancing atop the water’s calm surface.

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