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South Bound & Down!

Goin' South Soon!

I created a peace sign out of stone in a Mexican desert in 2009. Going back to see if the offering has been reclaimed or still lives. 

Details in my new journal blog HERE


Skip Hunt on Display in the Smithsonian!

Through February 2011 in the Smithsonian Castle on the Mall, Washington D.C.

Can' t believe I forgot to remind folks to check out my work in D.C.!

Anyone who may be in Washington D.C. for the holidays or anytime through February 2011 and anywhere near the Smithsonian Castle, they can check out one of my images on display. So if you're in the area, have a look and say, "Hey, I know the dude that made that!" ;-)

Dear Skip,

On behalf of Smithsonian magazine, I am pleased to inform you that you are one of the top ten finalists in the “Americana” category of our 7th annual photo contest. Your photograph of “Flock of birds taking off as… the sun sets” was among more than 60,000 entries we received from all over the world.

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New 20/20 Issue #2!

Skip Hunt 20/20 :: South Africa!

Skip Hunt 20/20 + South Africa

I've started something new. Every now and then I'm going to publish a new issue of a magazine/photobook that I'm calling "Skip Hunt 20/20". These are perfect bound, beautifully printed via HP's Indigo presses on great paper stock... 20 pages with 20 photographs only. (20/20) Play on vision and the actual number of pages/photos. :-)

They may be a segment of a journey or they may be a collection from a past trip. Or, they may just be a collection of favorite images I'd like to display together.

These will be ongoing and I will make $2.50 for each one purchased that will go to help fuel and finance my next adventure!

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Still looking for that last special gift for under $20?

Special Holiday Offer!

Are you looking for that special unique gift? If the idea of just heading out with no particular plan and exploring the majestic beauty of the American Southwest on a motorcycle gets your heart pumpin', then look no further!

Written in an "On the Road" style while traveling from Austin, Texas through spectacular landscapes of New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, California and Arizona, this book serves as a virtual trip when you just want to take an adventure and just get away from it all. 

This book is packed full (over 100 images) of beautiful fine art travel photography as seen through the eyes of Austin, Texas based photographer Skip Hunt!

And for a very limited time, take $5 OFF using this special holiday discount code (95DDMH65) on check out at this link "Skip Hunt Go West!"

(See a few images from this book HERE)

(Read reviews on the Amazon PRINT version and KINDLE versions! Please note that this special holiday discount code (95DDMH65) is for the Createspace link in this message, but it's the exact same book)

Give that special person with wanderlust this amazing book, or better yet... pick up a second copy for yourself! 


Strange Fruit 3

"Strange Fruit 3" ~ Wild Persimon from a strange fruit series (c) Skip Hunt :: Austin, Texas


Oyster Landing


On Createspace & Amazon Now!

Hi, The Createspace (and soon available through Amazon) version just went LIVE! And to celebrate, I'm knocking $3 off the list price for a limited time. Just enter the discount code: NNXZRDEL (only good for this Createspace Store Link. (Won't work for the Amazon version when it goes live, but it's the very same book.)

I also compiled the whole enchilada into one beautiful perfect-bound premium print/price MagCloud version of pure experience and some photography I'm honestly quite proud of.

(Available for Kindle in the US AND Kindle in the UK!!!)

I've also created a 4th new calendar. The company I use for calendars does an amazing job with printing and now allow you to select exactly which month you want your calendar to start. Pretty cool huh? I also dropped all the calendar pricing by $4. Scroll down for Calendar links. :-)

Click HERE for the discounted Createspace version


Below is the Premium Print MagCloud version


Click to see Skip Hunt Calendars. All available to start at the month you choose & the 4 new Go West

calendars at the bottom!



Ok, that's more than I really wanted to go into, but I have to mention one last thing... I've created a brand new web site that I will be using more and more for everything related to travel, color, art, show announcements, whimsical photos, discussions, etc. I can also update this from my phone much easier as well. Next trip will be about 9 days in Washington Nov. 11-20



Heading out Thursday to the D.C./VA area. Mostly to visit family for about 9 days, but hope to get out a little to explore if there's time. Will be posting D.C./VA specific photos and stuff HERE


Whole Go West Enchilada Complete!

finding the exotic within the mundane

Skip Hunt Go West Issue 1: finding the exotic within the mundane

Fine art photographer Skip Hunt of Austin, Texas traveled Westward via motorcycle in search of the exotic within the mundane. He found so much more!This issue contains the entire set of chronicles from Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, California and Arizona.What began as a curious wand…

Find out more on MagCloud


Blue Spawn

"Blue Spawn" ~ Austin, Texas (c) 2010 Skip Hunt


Final Issue #6 of Skip Hunt Go West :: Salton Sea 2 Austin 

Skip Hunt Go West Part 6

Now Published!

There's much more in this issue than any of the previous issues and I will also be publishing a complete, bound version of all 6 parts very soon!

This issue is the final chapter of this amazing, life-changing journey. Enjoy!

To Buy & Download PDF ONLY, click HERE: Add to Cart

Skip Hunt Go West :: Part 6

Skip Hunt Go West :: Part 6 Issue 6: Skip Hunt Go West :: Part 6

Fine art photographer Skip Hunt of Austin, Texas travels Westward via motorcycle in search of the exotic within the mundane. This sixth and final issue chronicles the journey from Salton Sea to Salvation Mountain and on to Gila Bend and the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument to Tucson, Bisbee, Chir…

Find out more on MagCloud




Chillin @ Arthouse 

Public opening of Arthouse in Austin, Tx


Krause Gold

Tree @ Krause Springs in Spicewood, Texas (c) 2010 Skip Hunt


Stop Motion Walk Along a Stream


Krause Lagoon

Lagoon @ Krause Springs in Spicewood, Texas

(c) 2010 Skip Hunt


Sitting on the Bank of a Stream

Why I am here just being? I am not sure. Every now and then it's a good idea to get out of the stream's current. Not just stop fighting the current, but to get completely out and just watch the water flow by. Sometimes we get lost and forget who and what we really are.



iPhone shot, compressed & upload while camping over 2G



The very best part of this is when the conscious shifts from the sleeping dream to the waking dream in a new place at the break of dawn. For a moment there's a slight confusion as to which side of the dream ocean you're on. :-)

Krause Springs

Just arrived in time to set up my hammock & sway in the last light of the day. Perfect weather.

There's another group here, but so far it seems quiet & peaceful.

Wasn't that long ago I was in this very spot & so many drastic things have evolved in my life. Feels both good & a bit strange to be here this time.


Very First Kaleidoscope Post!

Well, guess I need to go do something amusing so I'll have something to post about. :-)

In the meantime, here's a pretty picture I made.

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