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Sitting on the Bank of a Stream

Why I am here just being? I am not sure. Every now and then it's a good idea to get out of the stream's current. Not just stop fighting the current, but to get completely out and just watch the water flow by. Sometimes we get lost and forget who and what we really are.



iPhone shot, compressed & upload while camping over 2G



The very best part of this is when the conscious shifts from the sleeping dream to the waking dream in a new place at the break of dawn. For a moment there's a slight confusion as to which side of the dream ocean you're on. :-)

Krause Springs

Just arrived in time to set up my hammock & sway in the last light of the day. Perfect weather.

There's another group here, but so far it seems quiet & peaceful.

Wasn't that long ago I was in this very spot & so many drastic things have evolved in my life. Feels both good & a bit strange to be here this time.


Very First Kaleidoscope Post!

Well, guess I need to go do something amusing so I'll have something to post about. :-)

In the meantime, here's a pretty picture I made.

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