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LithoFusion the Book Just Went Live

Beautifully Printed at MagCloud and Available Now

"To Serve and Protect" ~ New York City © 2012Very happy to announce the new LithoFusion collection is now available as a beautifully printed, perfect bound photo book.

This collection began as an experiment to see if constraining the process with self-imposed guidelines would both stimulate creativity and result in a subtle cohesion.

Have a look at the preview!

"Enhance and intensify one's vision of that synthesis of truth and beauty which is the highest and deepest reality." ~ Ovid

Digital eBook download available HERE 

Printed book available HERE



A new collection of image compositions based on complex blends I call "LithoFusion". An experiment to see if a subtle cohesion could be achieved by using certain self-imposed parameters and guidelines.

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Awesome Cruiserworks Motorcycle Boots Giveaway!

UPDATE: Promotion Over + Book Available!

Cruiserworks has donated a pair of motorcycle boots valued at $325 to give away to one lucky rider! Purchase of the eBook Skip Hunt Go West required.

(eBook must be purchased from this site to be included in the drawing) 

Click HERE to read eBook description, reviews & buy your copy digital download copy of Skip Hunt Go West for $7.99

Enter Today!

Buy by March 6th 2012 to have your name included in the drawing. Each book purchase gets another drawing entry. This contest is open to everyone and one winner will get their choice of one pair of Cruiserworks motorcycle boots.
(International shipping included)

Back in 2010 I just took off on my motorcycle toward the West without a plan. Just took off on an adventure with no particular schedule or expectation. After I announced the trip,Cruiserworks motorcycle boots loved the spirit of the trip and wanted to support me with a pair of motorcycle boots. They turned out to be the best pair of motorcycle boots I've ever owned!

The trip started from my home in Austin, Texas and took me through New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, California coast, Arizona and back to Texas. It was an amazing adventure that yielded some of the best photographs I've made to date! There were some very bizarre characters met along the way and I can highly recommend the "no plan" approach.


Buy to Enter Cruiserworks Contest!Fine art photographer Skip Hunt of Austin, Texas traveled Westward via motorcycle in search of the exotic within the mundane. He found so much more! This issue contains the entire set of chronicles from Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, California and Arizona. What began as a curious wandering with no particular path or direction, became a powerful life-changing adventure. Sometimes we must become lost before we can truly find our way.

Contest is open internationally. Cruiserworks exclusively carries men's motorcycle boots.

Go West Photos & thoughts on Cruiserworks boots


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Now on Glossom!

LithoFusion Collection Now on the Glossom Platform

Recently discovered them via an emailing. Rarely get excited about something like this, but they really did the art platform right. Great interface & the collections there are beautiful. Everything just works well with clean design. 

Thought they were some site for an actual gallery & were just getting into the app game. Realized they were completely open for all artists, photographers, designers, etc. & quickly put together a collection of the LithoFusion stuff published here @G+ too. Check'm out. They've done a stellar job with the interface and their free universal iPhone & iPad app is very elegantly produced. Click graphic to view!


DC + NYC Photo Book Available Now!

DC + NYC 2001 Now Published

Happy to announce the DC + NYC 2011 photo collection is now live available for preview and purchase! This book is printed by MagCloud and they do a beautifuly job on state of the art printers. This book contains all 60 images from the collection and is perfect bound. You can also preview the entire book before you purchase either the printed version or the digitalversion. The digital verson is included free with purchase of the printed version. 


DC + NYC 2011

DC + NYC 2011

Took off on a last minute trip to wander around the Washington, D.C. area and then ended up meandering off to N.Y.C. to continue riding the vivid inspiration you can get while traveling. These images were the result. 

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Fresh New Color & Textural Joy!


"Strange Bird" ~ South Padre Island, Texas © 2012 Skip HuntI've been working on a new collection of image compositions based on complex blends and it's called "LithoFusion". 

As an experiment to see if a subtle series cohesion could be achieved by using certain self-imposed parameters and guidelines.

Each composition was based on images from one of 4 trips, and each composition's images are unique to a specific location with no cropping or cutting and pasting done at all. All source images are kept framed as they were shot.

View the entire collection HERE 

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SEVENDAYS-IN + Vertical 

"Kremlin" ~ Mexico City © 2012 Skip HuntThrilled to now have a second collection of vertical images on Seven Days In

At first I thought from all the carnival booths flowers and taxis decorated with balloons and streamers that someone important was getting married. So, I just hung around and made a few images here and there of the magnificent color cache before me.

These 7 images were all shot on an iPhone and edited on an iPad during a 2 month journey in Mexcio in the Summer 2011. Travel blogged on this site HERE 

Non-iPHone conventional camera images from this trip HERE & new book HERE

What I really love about this collection is the elegant way the Seven Days In designers have presented them. 

Have a look at the collecton HERE


7 Brand New Collections!

Skip Hunt Calendar Catalog Just Grew By 7!

7 New Skip Hunt Calendar CollectionsVery happy to announce 7 brand new calendar collections added.

Now at 37 different collections! 

You can see the 7 new ones HERE 

I've seen these printed and they're gorgeous. Unlike many calendars, you can also pick the month you want the calendar to start. 

You don't take a photograph, you make it.
~ Ansel Adams


Just Published Mexico 2011

Now Available for Preview and Purchase on MagCloud!

Pleased to announce that I've finally edited down a nice collection for a fresh photo book of images from this trip. It took awhile, but I hope it was worth the wait. Going through these images was so intense, it almost felt like I was experiencing the trip all over again. :)


Mexico + Summer 2011 + Volume 1

Mexico + Summer 2011 + Volume 1

Simply jumped on a plane 6/25/11 and flew one-way to the furthest airport in Mexico from Austin, Texas. From there I will wandered about photographing and travel-blogging The only plan was going into the unknown and letting the unfamiliar move and inspire me. I wrote about the adventure and chance e…

Find out more on MagCloud


The Psychology of iPhoneography vs Conventional

How Using the iPhone Can Influence Creative Choice

Several years ago I was trying to make a point that it really doesn't matter which camera you use and that what mattered most was your own vision. In an attempt to prove this (partly for myself) I set out to do a small collection of images with my old Motorola cell phone. The results made the point I wanted, but the lower resolution became somewhere restrictive. 

"Calypso" ~ Veracruz, MX © 2011 Skip Hunt (from Mexico 2011 Winter)When the iPhone came out, I couldn't wait to take it for a spin and after loading one up with apps, I took it along to make images to illustrate a motorcycle trip through the Southwest toward California from Texas. It was actually the 3rd generation iPhone 3G that got me started, and I mostly took it for an easy way to upload images live from the road.

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Code for $50 Off!

Code good for $50 off thru 1/1/12 on entire gallery! 

"My Pretty" ~ Washington, D.C. © 2011 Skip HuntGood news! I've added dozens of brand new images from recent travel's and am offering $50 Off on all orders for a very limited time! This promotion is the best one I've ever offered and is good through 1/1/12!

Click HERE to visit my online print gallery.

Over 1000 images are eligible for this discount!

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get $50 taken off your order:


"May you have warmth in your igloo, oil in your lamp, and peace in your heart!"  

~ Eskimo Proverb


Seven Days In + Mexico


Thrilled to now have a collection on Seven Days In

These 7 images were all shot on an iPhone and edited on an iPad during a 2 month journey in Mexcio during the Summer 2011. Travel blogged on this site HERE 

I also shot a regular camera on this trip and you can see images from that gallery HERE

What I really love about this collection is the elegant way the Seven Days In designers have presented them. 

Have a look at the collecton HERE


Now THIS is a "Cat Woman"!!!

This video is such an adrenalin rush to watch. Simply incredible control of one's own fear and absolute mind focus.

It's hard to make out what she's saying, but I found this transcription:

1:31 If I kneel down, they will come towards me because I’m the same size as them.
1:50 I do this to show you how cowardly they are, not to tease them, but also to raise my own adrenaline. As soon as you turn around, they attack you. If you try to make eye contact, they get scared of you.
2:08 If you run, you’re prey. As soon as you turn around, they’re scared, they stop.
2:47 I think they’ve had enough, they’re too scared of me.

I wonder if her techniques would work with people?


Start Spreadin' the News! DC/NYC 2011

"Lincoln" ~ Washington D.C. © 2011 Skip HuntJust got back from traveling a couple months in Mexico that I blogged HERE and editing photos from this trip HERE and now packing to leave again for D.C. and N.Y.C. for about 3 weeks in total.

I was in D.C. to see one of my images displayed in the Smithsonian Castle last year and really enjoyed touring the galleries and driving around the Virginia countryside near my sister's place in Hamilton, VA. I just felt a bit rushed I guess.

Travel blog for this trip is HERE


Off to Mexico!

And... We're Off! 

"Toy Box" ~ Zacatecas, Mexico © 2011 Skip HuntMexican Adventure Begins

Welcome to the Jungle: Heading to Mexico in a couple of days. Not going on the motorcycle this time, but flying to the furthest airport from Austin, and then wandering my way back up North in which way I can. Most likely by bus, trains, hitchin', walking, Quien sabe?

I'm excited to be heading back to the Yucatan because the last time I was there as before digital photography I think. Although, I recall going there sometime around 2000 to shoot some video of pink flamingos in Celestun, I must have been completely focussed on moving images because I don't have many recent stills. This time it's all about the experience and some experimenting.

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Go West Photography Exhibit!

June 17th to August 21st

"Grandfather" ~ Zion National Park, Utah © 2011 Skip HuntBeautifully printed on 100% Cotton archival paper and displayed luxuriously bare at images from the book Skip Hunt :: Go West at House Wine in Austin, Texas. 

Prints are available for purchase and will be on display through August. A limited quantity of signed Go West books are also available for purchase at the counter. 

"Fine art photographer Skip Hunt of Austin, Texas traveled Westward via motorcycle in search of the exotic within the mundane. He found so much more! This issue contains the entire set of chronicles from Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, California and Arizona. What began as a curious wandering with no particular path or direction, became a powerful life-changing adventure. Sometimes we must become lost before we can truly find our way."

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Lao Lotus

"As a lotus flower is born in water, grows in water and rises out of water to stand above it unsoiled, so I, born in the world, raised in the world having overcome the world, live unsoiled by the world"

- Buddha

"Lao Lotus" ~ Luang Prabang, Laos © 2011 Skip Hunt


Let The Sunshine In

When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius
The Age of Aquarius
Aquarius! Aquarius!

Harmony and understanding
Sympathy and trust abounding
No more falsehoods or derisions
Golden living dreams of visions
Mystic crystal revelation
And the mind's true liberation
Aquarius! Aquarius!

Let the sun shine, Let the sun shine in
The sun shine in

~ The 5th Dimension :: "Age of Aquarius"

"Age of Aquarius" ~ Puerto Escondido, Mexico © 2011 Skip Hunt


Paralyzed with Fear & Indecision

Once again, paralyzed with fear and indecision. Don't want to stay put rusting and it's known that travel creates a crisp awareness. But the fear is strong. It slithers up and asks in an acidic whisper, "Are you a fool?" "What will you do for money?" "Why can't you grow up and settle in?" "Why don't you just give up already?" "Do you really think anyone is interested in anything you have to show or say?" "What makes you think anyone wants what you have to share?" "Haven't you seen in the news how dangerous the world is lately?" "Do you really want to chance it?"

Then a faint memory of late afternoon light passing through a moving bus window curtain glimmers. You can just barely catch a glance of a strangers eyes as you both stop... for just a moment and become the same within the chaos. You make out the shape and sound of foreign late-night street echo. You're alone and wild in the desert watching the sun set as a full moon rises.

It happens this way every time. You know what you have to do, but once again you teeter at the precipice and gaze into the water below. Will it be ice cold? Will you slip and make your last mistake? Couldn't you just be just as content staying in the known?

The fear is strong, but in an instant you're mercifully reminded of what it once felt like to be free... alive... and absolutely AWAKE!

"How the Light Gets In" ~ Coral Pink Sand Dunes, Utah © 2011 Skip Hunt




"Mothership" © 2011 Skip Hunt

The idea of cellular memory makes me wonder if ALL cells hold some sort of memory. And perhaps an entire place can hold memory and or some sort of data?

I've wondered this for a good while because of some experiences I've had from ingesting plants that gave me information that I have no clue where it came from. So obscure, yet accurate but with no evidence of how it had previous been learned. Did I ingest memory? Or was I just tuned into it briefly?

This memory or data doesn't seem to be something you can put your finger on or point a microscope at, so if it exists beyond this speculation... I'm betting it lives in some kind of frequency. Not to get all "hippy" with it, but I think it's completely plausible. And if so, then it's seems equally plausible that focussed thought could use and or otherwise manipulate it.

~ Skip Hunt :: Austin, Texas


Shelly the Party Dinosaur

The week in South Padre is a wrap! Not sure what's next on the menu, but I stopped on my way back to drop a fresh phone blog by my new girl Shelly the party dinosaur. :)